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Today, our experience and comprehensive services help connect brands to consumers, prospects and other audiences on a much deeper and more personal level than ever before.  We offer every service you'll need to execute a cost-effective and successful mobile event experiential marketing program. We'll also customize your solution to help achieve your specific objectives, whether it's to create awareness, launch a new product, increase sales, and more.

Ever since we've been in business, we've worked closely with companies and agencies to create powerful, real-time impressions and results for their brands and we'd love to help with yours.

We pioneered the concept of mobile event marketing in 1991 when we took ABB's gleaming trailer on the road to every paper mill in the nation -- and we've been connecting companies to customers, prospects and opportunities ever since.
Taking brands on the road to success since 1991.

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One way to get a huge share of the market in your industry is to carry out an effective marketing campaign. It does not matter how good your product or service is. If potential customers do not know anything about the product you are trying to sell, they will not buy your goods. Do not wait for the market to discover you and come to you. Create awareness for your product and sales will hit the roof. This is where mobile event marketing comes into the picture.

Understanding Mobile Event Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the best ways to market and advertise your business. In this form of marketing, your product or service is taken directly to potential customers using an effective mobile marketing technique. For instance, your marketing firm can target a specific event like a trade fair. The right Mobile Marketing Strategy can also target a specific location and carry out the campaign there. The basic requirements for mobile event marketing are trucks, vans, tents, posters and banners. A public address system and a projector/screen are also vital. The marketing trucks and vans are painted with images of your company and your company's products. Officials of the marketing firm display the banners and posters and point out the benefits of these products. The audience is invited to look at the products or setup, watch videos and ask questions. In some cases, sample products are given to the audience. This creates awareness and interest in your company's products and this leads to patronage and an increase in sales.  

How Mobile Event Marketing Companies Can Help Your Firm

Our mobile event marketing company can help you launch and market a new product. We can also help you re-brand an already existing product. In both cases, the right step is to create a great marketing concept from scratch and carry it out successfully. Some of the specific things the Inmotion Promotions can do for you are concept development, venue sourcing, design services, route development and logistical planning. In addition, by choosing Inmotion Promotions as your event marketing company, we  can help you create vehicle graphics, mobile displays, event coordination and event promotion. Note that the aim of event marketing is to create product awareness and boost sales. For this reason, whichever event marketing firm you choose should not create abstract programs that will not do your company much good. The right approach is to plan the marketing campaign with specific objectives in mind. In addition, this plan should be properly implemented so that potential customers become buyers and repeat customers.

Effective Mobile Marketing Tours

One way to ensure that a mobile marketing tour succeeds is to use an innovative approach. Your marketing firm should not stick to the old ways of doing things. In marketing, thinking outside the box has great advantages because flexibility and innovation lead to amazing marketing results. Your marketing tools should be colorful, entertaining and target-oriented. In addition, the message from the marketing team should be easy to understand. This will make it easy for customers to connect to the company's ethos and image. If all these things are done the right way, the marketing campaign will be a huge success. Our mobile marketing tours are a great way to stand out  from your competitors while educating your audience an building your brand.